Friday, 4 April 2014

Pirates of a 28mm persuasion!

So, I'm back with more pirates. This time however, I'm going for fantasy pirates in 28mm. The models I have so far are all by Black Scorpion. Excellent minis with lots of character. I'm looking to use these in my own skirmish rules which the guys and myself are currently play testing. Anyway, here we go...

An Elf!

Alexis - A limited edition model from Salute a while back

A burly orc

Another elf...this one is incredibly grumpy


Friday, 14 March 2014

Pirate scenery!

So, as part of the pirate project, I have been making some terrain pieces.

2 islands with the fort (more on this later)

Some rocks, sailors beware!

Some deathly sirens ready to lure ships onto the rocks.

And the next pieces is a labour of love. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. The fort was mostly inspired by my recent gaming habits (namely assassins creed: black flag). After lots of looking and thinking, I scaled back my initial ambitions to a more realistic project for my skills. I started with some pretty raw materials: some plastic rods, a plasticard base, some shot glasses from a recent stag do and some good old monopoly houses amongst other things.

 Next came the most time consuming part - I slathered the lot in polyfilla to get a more coherent and textured look. I cut out and stuck on a door frame - it took me a while to realise there was no entrance! At this point I also stuck cannon ports onto the turrets.

Next step was to stick down the sand and monopoly houses (I textured the roofs with liquid green stuff). 

After a white spray, it was time to lay down a basecoat.

Some drybrusing later and... almost done.

Finally, the static grass and clumps of bushes were added to complete it!

Hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Black Sails Ahoy!

So, a while back, some friends and I attended Salute (UK) and one of our purchases happened to be some pieces of eight ships from Peter Pig. I finally got round to painting mine as well as some terrain and various monsters. I'm currently putting the polish on a set of rules I'm working on, but without further ado, here are some of the ships I've been working on! I have tried to go for a more 'legendary pirates' feel more than historical accuracy. There models have been great fun to paint, a good balance between detail and simplicity!
A brigantine


Large Merchantman - The Black Caesar 


Converted Leviathan! 

And a few of them in action on my sea boards!