Thursday, 21 February 2013

More Normans!

A quick update on the Norman Spearmen unit - 2 new bases now painted and based.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A New Board!

Yesterday, myself and my fellow Wyverns decided to build a new board for the purpose of demo games and possibly photography for rulebooks etc. We wanted a board that we could use across a variety of scales and decided to go for a classic grass board with built in hills. Below is a photo of where we are at with it at the moment. Almost done, just need to add the details on the rock faces etc.

Click here to see the entire building process at my good friend Craig's blog!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Seasons of War: Days of The Conqueror

I am currently working on a game of my own writing as part of 'Red Wyvern Games' - a group of 3 gamers (including myself) with a passion for writing rules for a multitude of models! This game is set in the 11th Century and will largely focus on Duke William (The Bastard!) and his contemporaries (Normans, Anglo Saxons, Vikings, Bretons, French etc). I decided to work in 10mm and ordered some models from Old Glory UK - So far so good, simple but solid designs; perfect for this scale! So, having put brush to models, I have completed my first base of Norman Spearmen, here goes!

Scale Neutral!

Welcome to the 'Scale Neutral' blog. Over the coming months, it will hopefully turn into a place where you can see what I've been up to (or not!) in regards to painting, modelling and designing. So, I'll start as I mean to go on, by posting a few pictures of projects old and current, as you can see I tend to skip between scales and genres (hence the blog title). So without further ado...
A small squad of 15mm British Infantry from my alternative Victorian age war game 'World War 0' - Models by Peterpig.

A British Steamtank with flamethrower, again from World War 0 - Mk1 Tank by Peterpig with conversion pieces used from Spartan Games and Gamesworkshop.

Russian Infantry, also from World War 0 - Models by peterpig

And something a bit different: 6mm Republican Roman Cavalry - Models by Baccus 6mm