Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Seasons of War: Core List

A new release for Seasons of War fans!

At many of the shows we have attended, people have responded positively to demo games of Seasons of War: Days of the Conqueror and have seen the potential of using armies in their collections to play games beyond those described in the book. The purpose of this 'Core Army List' is to allow players to represent most if not any pre-powder historical faction and even a fantasy army in a game of Seasons of War, by providing generic troop choices that can be tailored to suit a specific unit's arms and armaments.

To allow customisation, many unit types have 'Special Equipment Options'. This simply lists any additional Special Equipment the unit can take. Most of the rules for the Special Equipment options can be found in the main rulebook: Seasons of War: Days of the Conqueror. We have however added additional items and relevant rules in this supplement such as heavy armour, pikes and ranged warmachines.

We hope this Core Army List will provide an immediate means to allow all you gamers to play Seasons with any your armies, whilst we beaver away at providing more tailored and specific army lists such as Republican Romans or Germanic Tribes. Think of it as our very own Ravening Hordes. 

This supplement is available to download, for free, from the Seasons of War Resources page.

The main rulebook is available to buy as a PDF at Wargame Vault ($10 about £6.50) or as a hard copy from our website (£10 + p&p).

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